Animation Reel, 2023

Sunday Night, 202

This piece was created as part of a 4 day exhibition during the Anderson Gallery’s Summer Space Grant. A last minute edition to the show, I created the initial video in the days leading up to opening night.

Each night after the show closed I continued working on the video until the next day. The video went through four iterations, the last being “sunday night.” The sound in the video was made by my good friend Ryan.

The video became exploration in storytelling through iconography and repetition. The installation was set up spontaineously as well, loosely exploring the link between video and painting, and providing a skeleton for the video to exist in.

Vernal Equinox Mediatation, 2022
This video meditation was made in collaboration with my mother, who originally wrote the meditiation for an equinox ceremony performed in 2021.

On the vernal equinox in 2022, I projected the piece onto the floodwall of the James River in Richmond, VA.

Under Foot, 2021
This piece was the direct result of time spent observing the forest floor during quarantine. Isolated from my community in the city, I turned to the insect world for a sense of belonging.

When I returned to the city, the insects followed me. I dedicated the winter of 2020 to them, working on this animation for many months and completing it in time for spring 2021.

This video installation was created with the intention of being projected on a gallery floor.

No Pipeline, 2020

I made this piece as imaginative documentary about a future marred by the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a natural gas pipeline which was expected to tear through my hometown of Afton, Virginia. 

The documentary was completed in January 2020, just a few months before Dominion Energy cancelled construction of the natural gas pipeline citing increasing resistance from the community, cost, and the Covid 19 pandemic.

The work now lives on as a reminder of the risk rural communities face from exploitative environmental practices.